Activities 2009

-Tutoring BA students from the Faculty of Graphics in the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań.
-Speech and presentation during  Genderfest – in  Głośna Samotność w Poznaniu: Mannish enough? Tożsamość i stereotypy w sztuce Internetu./ Identity and Stereotypes in Internet Art.
-My new duty: assistant editor of „Zeszyty Artystyczne” – periodical magazine of Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań.
-Post-workshop paper published: Dyskurs krytyczny wokół sztuki Internetu / Critical Discourse within Internet Art,  „Zeszyty Artystyczne”, nr 18/April 2009, p. 49-58.
-Research in New York (funding from resources for individual research, by Ministry of Science and Higher Education). Research in libraries and museums, visiting galleries, interviewing:
-Employees of  Rhizome at the New Museum (Nick Hasty and John M. Boling) ;

-Magdalena Sawon from Postmasters Gallery;

-Artists from  MTAA (MT Enterprises Worldwide): M. River & T.Whid.

-Taking part in discussion panel within conference for students and postgraduates Przestrzenie literatury. Wizje, rewizje, kontynuacje / Realms of Literature. Visions, Revisions, Continuations, organised by Institute of Cultural Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University.
-Open lecture in Art Historians Association in Warsaw
-Taking part in XII Festival of Art and Culture in Poznań.
-Lectures in  Institute of Cultural Studies of  Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

-Visiting Ars Electronica in Linz.
-Taking part in Congress of Polish Culture in Krakow.
-Summary about the Congress published in Obieg.
Private Panopticon 2.0 – article published in „Kultura Współczesna”/Contemporary Culture, nr 2(60)/2009, pp. 167-175.
Question of Time – Interview with M. Sawon (Postmasters Gallery, NYC) and Symbiosis of Art and Technology – article about Ars Electronica published in „Czas Kultury”, nr 5(152)/2009, pp. 119-130.
-Taking part in conference „From Liberature to E-literature” org. by Opole University.
-Taking part in discussion panel org. by „Polityka” and Wyd. Akademickie i polityki
-Taking part in conference „Arts in the Transmedial Space” org. by Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz.