Activities 2011


  • My papers translated into Romanian and published in English in the academic magazine „Revista Irregular F” nr 7/Vol. II/2011, published by Babes-Bolyai University in  Cluj-Napoca (Romania).


  •  Preparing call for papers  for the upcoming issue of „Zeszyty Artystyczne” –  „Education of  civil society – different cultures of education” and editing the received papers (with dr Justyna Ryczek).


  • Taking part in the conference Ars Electronica: Remixed and Remastered, organized by Institute of Audiovisual Arts of Jagiellonian University in Krakow  (24-25.03.2011).
  • Taking part in the collective presentation of the Faculty of Artistic Education in the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, within the project Transakcja łączona (15.03.2011).
  • Organization of the  XIV edition of the Festival of Art and Science in Poznan in the University of Arts in Poznan and leading a thematic artwalk (with  dr Justyna Ryczek).


  • Taking part in the conference  Od liberatury do e-literatury 2. Remiksy, remediacje, redefinicje, (From liberature to e-literature 2. Remixes, Remediations, Redefinitions), organized by the Opole University (9-10.05.2011)


  • My paper  Was is die Befindlichkeit des Landes? W stronę ciemnej geografii (Towards Dark Geography) published in „Kultura Popularna” nr 3-4 (29-30) 2010,  p. 18-27.
  • Taking part in the discussion: Fenomen nowych mediów. Z polskimi socjologami i medioznawcami rozmawia prof. Agnieszka Ogonowska.  (The Phenomenon of New Media. Prof. Agnieszka Ogonowska talks to Polish Sociologists and Media Experts) in “Konspekt” issued by Pedagogical University of Krakow, nr 2/2011 (39), p. 18-26.



  • Pojemność hiper-tekstu. Mark Amerika (The Capacity of Hypertext. Mark Amerika), in: Hiperteksty literackie. Literatura i nowe media, Wyd. Korporacja Ha!art, Kraków 2011, p. 29-41.
  • Taking part in the international conference  Rewire Media Art Histories 2011 in Liverpool, with a paper In Translation. Time and Space in Art Re-Practices presented in the panel The spaces of art (recent examples).


  • Intermedialne synestezje – sztuka mediów elektronicznych między obrazem, tekstem a kodem (Intermedial Synesthesies – Electronic Media Arts Between the Image, Text and Code), in:  Od liberatury do e-literatury, ed.  E. Wilk, M. Górska-Olesińska, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego, Opole 2011, p.  149-156.


  • The 21st issue of  „Zeszyty Artystyczne” (theme: Education of  civil society – different cultures of education), edited together with dr Justyna Ryczek, is out.

From 2011-09-01 to 2012-02-29 – sabbatical leave, working on the new book.