Activities 2013

Activities 2013 – summary


  • Polish Culture Portal publishes my summary of the year 2012 in visual arts: Sztuka w miejscu innego (Art in the Place of the Other).
  • Feb 28th, 2013 – I took part in a programme Notatnik Dwójki of the II Program of Polish Radio, talking about net art.


  • Inter-Disciplinary Press has published my paper in the e-book Cyberculture Now, edited by Anna Maj, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-84888-178-5.
  • Opole University has published a book Liberatura, e-literatura i… Remiksy, remediacje, redefinicje, edited by Monika Górska-Olesińska, with my paper: Przez literaturę do wizualnej narracji (From literature to visual narration) on pages 73-84.
  • I gave a lecture on new media art for University of the Third Age within University of Arts in Poznan.


  • April, 10th, 2013 – I gave a lecture Czy robot może być artystą a maszyna dziełem sztuki? (Is it possible for a robot to be an artist and for a machine to be a work of art?) within the participation of University of Fine Arts in Poznan in the XVI Poznan Festival of Art and Culture.
  • Apr, 25th, 2013 – in Museum of Arts in Lodz I took part in a discussion panel with Kamil Wnuk and Tomasz Załuski within the 5th Art and Documentation Festival.


  • My essay Re-using a User? Od współpracy do eksploatacji w kulturze sieciowej, (From collaboration to exploitation in the networked culture) was published in “Kultura Współczesna” nr 2(77)2013, p. 127-137.
  • June, 10th, 2013 – I gave a lecture Wielkie spektakle sztuki. Od Documenta 13 do 55. Biennale Weneckiego within Academia Electronica (Second Life).




  • My paper on nanoactivism was reprinted from “Fragile” and translated into Ukrainian by Tatiana Jacenko as Наноактивізм у культуріand published in the magazine „Korydor”.
  • My review of the book Sztuka obrazu i obrazowania w epoce nowych mediów by Piotr Zawojski was published as Poza granice obrazowania – strategie przekraczania in „Zeszyty Artystyczne” nr 24/2013, p. 169-172.


  • My essay Wokół kategorii płynności. Doświadczenia sztuki w globalnej kulturze (Around the category of liquidity. Experiencing art in the global culture) was published in „Zeszyty Artystyczne” UAP, theme of the number: philosophy of Zygmunt Bauman, nr 23/2013, p. 89-94.
  • My paper Played Again. Artistic Re-Practices in a Process of Creating Temporary Entities, presented during the Paradox Fine Art European Forum is published in: Fine Art Practice. Research and Education Across Europe, ed. Ana Garcia López, Editorial Universidad de Granada (Spain), Downhill Publishing LTD., New York, 2013, p. 553-562. ISBN: 978-84-3385574-9.



  • Nov, 16th , 2013 – I gave a lecture Światło w sztuce multimediów. Od futuryzmu do sztuki generatywnej within Festival Vivisesja 2013.
  • Nov, 30th, 2013 – Radio Merkury broadcasted a programme Przystanek Kultura, with my participation. I talked to Maciej Kucharski about art and new media.