XLVII AICA International Congress program

My journey to South Korea for the XLVII AICA Congress is possible thanks to support from the „Polish Culture Around the World” programme of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw and the Faculty of Artistic Education from the  University of Arts in Poznan, Poland.

CULTUREPL-pion01-01logo_UAP02logo_wydzial_EAMy paper for the XVLII AICA congress is going to be presented in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul on 11th October, 2014, within the panel:

Critical Writings in the Era of Social Networking

  • Keynote Speaker: Lev Manovich
  • Maria Amelia Bulhoes (Brazil): “Decipher Me or I will Devour You! Visual Arts Online Criticism”
  • Earl Miller (Canada): “Social Networking and the Liberated Reader”
  • Sung-Ho Kim (South Korea): “Art Criticism in the Online Public Sphere and Writingas ‘Faction’”
  • Paul Groot (Netherlands): “The Serendipity of the Samsung Galaxy as a Successor of the One-dimensional World of Marcel Duchamp’s Grand Glass”
  • Ewa Wojtowicz (Poland): “Beyond the Thumb Culture. Art Criticism in the Era of Social Networking”
  • Diana Machulina (Russia): “Being Art Critic in Russia: To Go Against the Stream”
  • Elisa Rusca (Switzerland): “What’s Next? Art criticism online”
  • Renee Vara (USA): “Criticism 140: Art Critique in the Age of Twitter”

The panel seems already to be very interesting, with many topics for an inspiring discussion.